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Positioning your business for success

3 Point Partners is an experienced, full-service public affairs and public relations firm founded by Trey Salinas in Austin, Texas. Our areas of focus — our 3 Points — are business, politics and communications.


We offer comprehensive solutions to complex challenges. Whether you are chasing an opportunity or averting a crisis, we provide a road map to take you from where you are to where you want to be. We open doors, build relationships, communicate your message and get the results you want.


From the public sector to Fortune 500 companies, 3 Point Partners has more than 30 combined years of public affairs and strategic communications experience.

Our Services

Our Servuces
Communications & Issues Management

We have our finger on the pulse of the community. We help anticipate, forecast and prepare for any potential scenario...

Public Affairs

We align your strategies and train your team in strong message disciplines, in order to ensure effective communication to grassroots...

Community Outreach

We understand your audience, and we proactively communicate with them, we build partnerships, we engage in-person...

Crisis Communications

While we would prefer to fully plan for potential crisis ahead of the event, we also know that’s not how it always works...

Media Relations

We help you tell your story, and we get it where it needs to be seen. Our varying and extensive...

Government Relations

Public policy issues can be complicated and lengthy. We are your team on the ground to monitor these processes, connect you with key...




Public opinion can make or break any major business initiative. This necessitates communicating with the public transparently.  We identify influential community leaders, organize meetings with civic groups, and develop the supporting materials necessary to ensure that a clear and consistent message is delivered to all stakeholders. We help you build coalitions and create an educated base of allies who are motivated and able to work on your behalf. 

About Us

3 Point Partners is a full-service public affair and public relations consulting firm, providing services in the Greater Austin MSA. Founded in the early 2000’s, 3 Point Partners understands the methods to move the needle to achieve the change you want. We ensure all projects start with a thorough understanding of the stakeholders involved, often relying on opinion polling and market research to ensure we are engaging all constituents before we dive in. Whether you are looking to improve governmental relations, seek public approval, or simply communicate your story accurately and quickly, we are here to create a map to success, and engage the appropriate groups at the key moments.


Our team has a combined 30 years experience in the advocacy arena, and we will work to ensure your issue or project receives the right attention, from the right people, at the right time. 3 Point Partners’ areas of focus are business, politics and communications. Industries of focus are real estate and land use, emerging and disruptive technologies, natural resource and energy, public procurement, and public-private partnerships, among many other areas of specialty. 3 Point’s client list includes Fortune 500 companies, grassroots organizations and nonprofits.

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