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3 Points of Focus

1. Business

Public opinion can make or break any major business initiative. This necessitates communicating with the public transparently.  We identify influential community leaders, organize meetings with civic groups, and develop the supporting materials necessary to ensure that a clear and consistent message is delivered to all stakeholders. We help you build coalitions and create an educated base of allies who are motivated and able to work on your behalf. 

2. Politics

Texas is a unique place, with our political culture based in traditionalistic and individualistic elements. With more than 25 years of government relations experience, we help you understand the political dynamics impacting your business. We have built lasting relationships with government leaders and key decision makers.  Whether you are looking to procure a government contract, secure real estate entitlements, build a public-private partnership, or simply have an impact on public policy, 3 Point Partners creates oriented results.

3. Communications

Effective communication and public relations programs for businesses begin with a plan based on smart strategy and defined goals and objectives.  We help define and clarify your message, identify target audiences, write and disseminate supporting materials, train spokespeople within your organization, and facilitate media relations. We help you educate the public and public officials through the press, and work to ensure accurate stories and news coverage.

We offer comprehensive solutions to complex challenges, whether you are chasing an opportunity, or averting a crisis, we provide a roadmap to take you from where you are, to where you want to be. We open doors, build relationships, communicate your message, and get the results you want. When all 3 points are engaged, success rates are highest.


3 Point Partners primarily provides consulting services for local, regional and statewide clients in the following key categories:

  • Communications and Issues Management

  • Government Relations

  • Community Outreach

  • Informed Consent

  • Crisis Communications

  • Media Relations

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