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Lime debuts new scooter model with updated safety features in East Austin

Lime, the San Francisco-based dockless scooter company, has debuted its third-generation scooter in Austin, per an Aug. 20 news release.

The company is one of eight companies licensed to operate in Austin and offers the most scooters at 5,000 of the total 15,650 allowed by the city.

The new model features bigger wheels—10 inches compared to previous models’ 8 inches—to improve stability; multimodal braking; extended battery capacity, allowing for up to 30 miles of riding per charge; and improved GPS accuracy to make it easier for users to find and park scooters in city-approved areas.

“Lime is relentless in pushing the boundaries of innovation and will continue to iterate models and improve features,” said Joe Deshotel, Lime’s Texas government relations and community relations manager, in the release.

Additionally, Lime is working to improve its geofencing technology, which can detect where a rider is—a sidewalk versus the street, for example—and helps the company ensure riders are abiding by local rules.

By Emma Freer

Community Impact Newspaper

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